How it works?

  1. Start by buying the part of the house that you can afford, a minimum of 5%

    Check if Casum can help you

    Initially, we’ll ask you to tell us which city/area you’re looking in to ensure that Casum covers that city/area.
    Meanwhile, we’ll ask for information to analyze your financial situation, advise you on what houses you can buy with Casum and develop a savings plan with you so you can actually buy the home.
    We have very flexible requirements, but unfortunately, we won’t be able to help you if you don’t have at least 5% of the money saved to pay for the house (a minimum of € 10.000), you can’t afford to pay for rent or if you have a history of defaults.
    To get better guidance, you can use our calculator.

    Tell us which house you like best

    Tell us which house you’d like to buy and we’ll analyze it in detail to check if it fits into the savings plan we have prepared for you.
    You can choose the house from a real estate website or from Casum’s search engine.
    In this phase, we’ll also review the home to ensure that it’s in good condition, that the price is appropriate for it and that its characteristics adapt to what our investors are looking for.

    Start owning it from the very beginning

    Start buying 5% (minimum payment of € 10.000), which is way lower than the 30% mortgages require.
    You’ll own the percentage of the house you pay for! And so it will be stated in the land register.

  2. An investor from our investors’ network will buy the rest of the house with you

    If you buy 5%, investors will add the remaining 95%.
    Casum will look for the investor that best suits you. Our investors are mainly funds and family offices, who seek to invest in long-term residential rentals, which is why their interests align with yours. The conditions will also be contractually regulated to give you peace of mind.

  3. Casum will deal with the house purchase’s paperwork

    The process of buying a home can be very stressful and tedious if you don’t know how it works, but don’t worry, because Casum will manage the entire process and will tell you which steps to take.
    In addition, Casum’s role doesn’t end with the house’s purchase, they’ll be by your side once you move and if a problem arises, such as a broken boiler, you can count on us to help you repair it.

  4. Move into your new home and start living in it

    Paint it and decorate it as you want, you can also make minor reforms without having to ask for prior approval.

  5. Pay monthly rent for the part that belongs to the investor

    The monthly rent you’ll have to pay to the investor is calculated based on the market rental price of the area where your house is located, as well as the part of the house that you own.
    To calculate it we rely on reports and independent agencies’ indices. We’ll tell you the rent you’ll have to pay monthly before you sign any agreement, so you can evaluate it.
    For example, if the market rent for your house is € 1.000 per month, and you bought 5% of the house and the investors own the remaining 95%, you’ll have to pay a monthly rent of € 950 (95% of 1.000 €), so you’ll save € 50 every month (€ 600 per year).
    Bear in mind that, just like traditional rentals, the monthly rent will rise every year based on the CIP increase.

  6. Increase the percentage you own of the house

    You can buy more of the house from the investor at any time. You decide when to buy more and how much more. Without any commitments or mandatory purchase plans.
    In Casum, we’ll advise you on the savings plan that best suits your situation, so you can buy the entire house, but you’ll always have the last word on your purchase plan.
    When requested, Casum will provide you with the house’s price, so you can decide how much to buy. The price is calculated based on reports and independent agencies’ indices.
    By increasing the part of the house that you own, you can reduce the monthly rent you need to pay the investor.

  7. Decide what you want to do with the house

    Buy the entire house

    When you reach a high enough percentage of the house to obtain a mortgage (or when you’ve obtained the money in any other way), you can buy the rest of the house.

    Leave the house

    With Casum, you’re not obliged to buy the house at the end of the contract, so if you decide not to buy it, you can sell your share at market price.
    You can also decide to leave the house before the term’s end, but to ensure that investors don’t lose on expenses and purchase taxes, a minimum period of stay is required or you will have to pay such expenses and taxes.

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions of our lives, so we need to be properly informed when making this decision. We’ve developed a special considerations section to help you complete the available information.