Special considerations

  • The monthly rent you’ll pay to the investor will be precisely that, rent
    • That money will not be used to pay the house and its payment is mandatory. Besides rent, you’ll be able to choose how much and when to invest more money to gradually pay for more of the house
    • The rent will rise according to the CPI, like any other rent.
  • The purchase price will vary based on the market; therefore, the value of your property’s percentage will also evolve, like the market, and your percentage may lose value.
  • In the event of price drops, a Minimum Price will apply. In this way, the Investor is assured that he recovers the investment made, since he is contractually obliged to sell to you and only you are the one who decides when to buy and at what rate to do so.
  • In the beginning, set yourself a savings goal to buy part of the house, the purchase of the house is long-term and you shouldn’t wait until the last minute.
  • There’s a minimum term of permanence. If you don’t meet the permanence, you’ll have to assume a penalty to cover the purchase expenses that the investor incurred at the beginning.
  • If you decide to leave the house, it won’t be an immediate departure, the process can last for up to 6 months, during which you must continue to pay rent (and obviously, you’ll be able to continue living in the house).
  • The contracts have a term, and once it expires, the investor may want to sell his share, so the house will have to be sold if you don’t want to buy it.