About us

Our vision

Facilitate access to housing for those who don’t have access to a mortgage but have economic capacity to pay rents.

Why did Casum arise?

Casum rose when we noticed that most people who rent wish to own an apartment, but can’t access a mortgage because they haven’t saved enough. To access a mortgage, you need to save up to 30% of the housing cost. This leads to a large number of people to take years to save the money required to purchase, and meanwhile they’re forced to rent. At Casum, we understand that there’s an unmet market need to allow people renting to make a gradual transition from the rental market to the property market.

Who are we?

Casum is a company created by Nuclio, a venture builder that specializes in launching digital companies, and which focuses on the real estate sector. In addition to Casum, Nuclio has promoted other successful companies in the real estate sector such as Housfy, Finteca, Pro Hipotecas and Eelp. The Casum management team is led by Enalquiler’s former CEO and has extensive experience in both the digital and real estate sectors, especially in residential rentals.