The smart way to buy a house
when you don’t have access to a mortgage

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Choose the house you like best

At Casum, you don't have to choose from among a limited number of homes. Search for the home you like best and send it to Casum for analysis. You can choose the house from a real estate website or from Casum’s search engine.

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Buy the part you can cover right now

Don’t wait until you’ve saved 30% for a mortgage. With Casum, you only need to have saved 5% (€ 10.000 minimum), we’ll find the rest for you. From day one, you’ll own a part of the house. In addition, we’ll help you throughout the purchase process and handle the paperwork.

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Start living and buy the rest little by little

Move into your new house and start enjoying it. Casum will allow you to buy your house little by little (at your own pace) while you pay rent for the part you haven’t bought yet.

Casum will be with you throughout the entire process

  1. Start by buying the part of the house you can afford, at least 5%

    You’ll own the percentage of the house you pay for! And so it will be stated in the land register.

  2. An investor from our investors’ network will buy the rest of the house with you

    If you buy 5%, investors will add the remaining 95%.
    Casum works with investors who are looking for a long-term relationship, which is why their interests will align with yours.

  3. Casum will deal with the house purchase’s paperwork

    Let Casum deal with the boring and tedious part.

  4. Move into your new home and start living in it

    Paint it and decorate it as you want, you can also make minor reforms without having to ask for prior approval.

  5. Pay monthly rent for the part that belongs to the investor

    The monthly rent you’ll have to pay to the investor is calculated based on the market rental price of the area where your house is located, as well as the part of the house that you own. Therefore, the rent you’ll have to pay the investor will be lower than what you’d have to pay if you rented the entire house.

  6. Increase the percentage you own of the house

    You can buy more of the house from the investor at any time. You decide when to buy more and how much more. Without any commitments or mandatory purchase plans.
    By increasing the part of the house that you own, you can reduce the monthly rent you need to pay the investor.

  7. Decide what you want to do with the house

    Buy the entire house when you reach a high enough percentage of the house to obtain a mortgage (or when you’ve obtained the money in any other way).
    With Casum, you’re not obliged to buy the house at the end of the contract, so if you decide not to buy it, you can sell your share.

Calculate your house’s initial payment with Casum vs Mortgage

With Casum you need a smaller down payment than a mortgage. If you want to see specific examples of how it works, go to Casum’s search engine

* Assumed 10% of expenses and taxes borne by the buyer

** Assumed mortgage allowance granted for 80% of the purchase value and 10% of expenses and taxes borne by the buyer

Casum Benefits


Start owning your home only having saved 5% of the total price.


Buy it little by little, without any pre-established plans (at your own pace).


The more of the house you buy, the less you have to pay for rent to the investors.


Casum accompanies you and advises you at all times.

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